Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lecture #2 Joy Garnett

Joy Garnett is a an artist that uses digital images, and photographs to do her paintings. She uses pictures from different places online such as public domain and paints from those images. She is an artist that uses the internet and technology for her artwork. She talked about how she uses blogs, and Google, something that we all use almost every day while on our computer. She talks about her painting that she did called Molotov, where she took images from the mass media, the image was found online. The image belonged to a photographer who owned the rights to that image. A letter was sent to her from her lawyer with threats of a lawsuit for copywright infringement. I find this interesting because this is something that is important in our lifes as artist. How do we know if a photograph is something we have to ask permission to use? I don't believe that an artist is commiting piracy for taking a photograph and putting our input and or view on it. I do believe that credit is something that has to be given to whoever the piece or art belongs to. She speaks about how the painting on her website did give credit to the artist, Susan Meiselas. I believe her paintings are very good. I like what she expresses on her paintings. I think she does a good job of taking a photograph and making the painting look more real and have more feeling to it. I found the lecture very interesting because copyrighted work and people taking it without giving credit is something that is going on right now. We all as artist use the internet and sites such as google images to find inspiration or ideas for our work. I think that the credit should be given to the artist, as Joy Garnett did.

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