Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lecture #1 Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel is an artist that uses program codes and digital codes to do his artwork and projects. He is someone i find very interesting. He talks about how he "steals" these codes. Which i thought was very interesting, because of his choice of word that he used. He steals these codes to make his artwork. He is a digital programmer that started as a musician. His work Data Diaries was very interesting. He said that he started data diaries by "messing around" with files and programs on the computer. I think that this is awsome because that is the way that people seem to learn about computers and programs, by messing around. He also uses software to do his art he talks about a "ghetto software" he uses called Lighting Paint. The geto boys vs. beach boys video was another project he did where he put two different videos of both music groups and played them side by side. He made a mash up and this is similar to our youtube project for class. He taks about internet surfing which is something that most all of us do everyday. I find it enjoyable that his artwork has to do with many contemporary things as well as old school software like old video games. It was very interesting and I like that he is an artist that stays on top of pop culture he is someone that us, as new students that use internet and different computer programs can relate to.

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